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Review and verify product information


This function is used by pharmaceutical companies to review and verify product information. You need to have a user account to access this function. Authorized users can log in and start reviewing product information. Your user account will only give you access to medicinal products that belong to your company.

NPL guidelines (MS Word)

Change Control   (Swedish)   (English)
Access Control   (Swedish)   (English)
Report Different Problems   (Swedish)   (English)
Reviewing New Products and Packages   (Swedish)   (English)
EAN Barcodes   (Swedish)

User administration


You can request a user account by contacting LIF. User accounts with administrative privileges can log in and create user accounts with review privileges.

Change password

If you want to change your password for your user account, click here.

What is NPL?

NPL stands for "Nationellt Produktregister för Läkemedel", and is a national repository for medicinal products available on the Swedish market. This home page is used by pharmaceutical companies to review and verify information on medicinal products. The use and functions of NPL is described in the handbook.

For information on webservices (login required), please contact NPLCentral 


The handbook is only available in Swedish: Handbook (version 3.6). Guidelines are available in English at the top of this page.


Download NPL information in XML-format (Renewed daily)

Read me   NPL Data (GZip Archive)   Documentation (Zip Archive)


Technical support Helpdesk +46 18 174600
MPA NPLCentral  
TLV Registrator +46 8 568 420 50
eHälsomyndigheten Registrator +46 10 458 62 00
LIF Info +46 8 462 37 00




Nytt produktregister för läkemedelsinformation införs - eHälsomyndigheten tar över hanteringen från Läkemedelsverket.
eHälsomyndigheten har fått i uppdrag från regeringen att ta över ansvaret för sammanställning och förvaltning av läkemedelsleverantörernas läkemedelsinformation från Läkemedelsverket. eHälsomyndigheten kommer i november 2016 att införa ett nytt system för att samla in den information som idag hanteras i NPL.
NPL kommer att stängas och ersättas av det system som eHälsomyndigheten nu tar fram.
Det nya systemet har fått namnet LiiV (Leverantörernas information i VARA).

Läs mer om förändringen

New register for information on medical products to be introduced.
The Swedish eHealth Agency has been commissioned by the government to take over responsibility for the collation and management of information from pharmaceutical suppliers about medical products from the Swedish Medical Products Agency.
In November 2016, the eHealth Agency will introduce a new system for collecting information that is currently managed by NPL.

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Information regarding whom to refer to obtain support regarding various issues.
(Only available in Swedish.)

Information regarding whom to refer to obtain support regarding various issues.  

Pricing routines for non reimbursed pharmaceuticals

Information about pricing routines for non reimbursed pharmaceuticals.

Information about pricing  

How to install a certificate

To exchange information between web users and web services provided by the MPA in a secure manner, the MPA has chosen Digicert Inc, London as supplier of server certificates.

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Guideline for medical product packages

Guideline for medical product packages

For questions, contact   NPLCentral